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Cloud services provide many IT services traditionally hosted in-house, including provisioning an application/database server from the cloud, replacing in-house storage/backup with cloud storage and accessing software and applications directly from a web browser without prior installation.

A cloud storage service is a business that maintains and manages its customers' data and makes that data accessible over a network, usually the internet.
Most of these types of services are based on a utility storage. They tend to offer flexible, affordable pricing and scalability. Cloud storage providers also provide for unlimited growth and the ability to increase and decrease storage capacity on demand.


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Unlike traditional storage devices like hard drives or CDs, where information is stored in a physical format, all the data in the cloud is stored virtually on servers. Furthermore, you can access everything that is on the cloud from any computer that has an internet connection.

Cloud services provide great flexibility in provisioning, duplicating and scaling resources to balance the requirements of users, hosted applications and solutions. Cloud services are built, operated and managed by a cloud service provider, which works to ensure end-to-end availability, reliability and security of the cloud.

Our service allows the users to store files online, so that they can access them from any location via the Internet.Our cloud storage service include backup, disaster recovery (DR), collaboration and file sharing, archiving, primary data storage and near-line storage.


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We provides a secure and reliable platform as a service and infrastructure services.

Enhanced Security

Data is stored in multiple server .This means that if one server crashes, your data stays safe because it is stored in other locations.

Access from Anywhere

As the data is stored in the clouds. You can access data anytime from anywhere in all over the world.

Simply Convenient

Only computer and internet connection is necessary, which saves physical space and eliminates the need for maintenance.