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In a nutshell, data protection is about securing data against unauthorized access. Data privacy is about authorized access — who has it and who defines it. Another way to look at it is this: data protection is essentially a technical issue, whereas data privacy is a legal one.
These distinctions matter because they're woven deeply into the overarching issues of privacy and cyber security, both of which loom large in businesses, politics and culture. For industries subject to compliance standards, there are crucial legal implications associated with privacy laws. And ensuring data protection may not adhere to every required compliance standard.
Data privacy, also known as Information privacy or data protection .

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Protecting sensitive data continues to be a big challenge for businesses and governmental institutions . We help you establish a holistic view of your sensitive data, increasing your readiness towards GDPR and helping you avoid data leaks.

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The challenge of data privacy is to use data while protecting an individual's privacy preferences and their personally identifiable information.The fields of computer security, data security, and information security design and use software, hardware, and human resources to address this issue.

With Privacy and Data Protection , Mozire will help you protect your sensitive business data and help you meet compliance requirements related to data storage and protection.
We’ll also help you assess your risk, create custom policies to encrypt and restrict access to sensitive data, and report on data access — helping to ensure that your important data remains protected.
When paired with us, you’ll also receive additional 24x7 threat monitoring, response and analytics. We can then compare your data access information with other data feeds to identify behavioral anomalies and potential threats.